Overnight Sensation

Taking Manhood Back

Overnight Sensation

Nobody starts as an overnight sensation.

I was talking to a young person who was frustrated. He was doing something about his passion but the results are not what he has expected. He was getting impatient.

“Here I am giving my best, and I guess it is not working.” Hold it right there!!!

That is how I wanted my marriage to be when I started. I looked at my mentors and told my wife that is how our marriage should be. We visited homes during our first year of marriage and went home wanting a bigger house with more stuff. We hear stories of success from our friends and covet it.

But we have to understand – it takes years to experience success. You look at great men and we think it was overnight. It is not. Manny Pacquiao started young. He is reaping the hard work now.

We men want to be instant Pacquiao. Are we willing to go down the path of sweat, blood and tears that Manny Pacquiao went through???