The Visionary Man

Taking Manhood Back

The Visionary Man

A man cannot be VISION LESS. You have to know where you are leading your woman. You need a ROAD MAP. A game plan.

Imagine playing a basketball tournament without a game plan. We cannot do that!! How much more when it comes to courtship and marriage.

The reason I am for courtship is because the premise of courtship is the INTENT to GET MARRIED. Dating, though is in today, is about testing the waters. I am not saying dating is a sin, it is not. I am also not saying you need to follow the manual – I Kissed Dating Goodbye: A New Attitude Toward Relationships and Romance. I am saying is that there is a better option. Be a man of vision. When you lay down your intentions to court a girl it means you have a game plan for marriage. I think every girl wants that – a man with a plan.




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