The Warrior Protects

Taking Manhood Back

The Warrior Protects

Do women feel safe when they are around you? I think this is something you need to seriously ask yourself. As men we are wired to be like warriors. It has been like that since the beginning. Adam failed to protect Eve from the serpent and we saw that happened.

Warriors are not war freaks but they stand tall when the time to protect and fight is called for. They know what weapons to use and when.

If you are sleeping with your girlfriend, cheating on  your wife – then you are partaking a culture of abuse and violence, rape and slavery and oppression. Instead of acting like warriors, you play the role of an abuser.

I’ve seen men who would prey on young women. Manipulate and play them. It is sad. Some women don’t have a clue. Others choose to feed men to be that way and they end up frustrated because they end up with an abuser.

When I was courting my wife Thammie – the hardest thing was really to stay pure and not defraud her. As a single,  I wanted to have sex with her – who in his right mind wouldn’t want to- she is HOT!!!!

I had to fight it for a year. I wanted to protect her. It was the hardest year to remain pure but it was a choice I have to make: PROTECT OR TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HER.

The issue was no longer about virginity but love. The warrior protects. It is the code of a warrior.

A warrior fights for those he loves.


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