Caught in the Middle

Taking Manhood Back

Caught in the Middle

A friend asked me my thoughts on his struggling career. I could tell he was passionate and gave much time to it.

I asked, “If you’d continue to pour in the hours at your passion for the next 10-15 years, would you be as good as the top guy here in the city?”

He replied, “Umm… no…”

I continued, “Let’s imagine that you DO become as good as the top guy here in the city, would you be paid that much?”

He answered another “No.”

“Let’s draw 3 circles:)”

 The RED CIRCLE is for what you LOVE. What are you most PASSIONATE about. You enjoy work for it’s own sake (EVEN WITHOUT PAY!). You wake up everyday looking forward to throw yourself at work.

The YELLOW CIRCLE is what you are best at. This is genetic, God-given talent. Other people struggle at what you do best. You know that: “I was born to do this!” What do your friends find “extraordinary” in you?

GREEN CIRCLE: What brings the greatest financial return. You are well paid for what you do.

Is one circle enough? Here are some examples:

A below-par female singer who got booted out of from American Idol auditions had a mouthful to say to the judges, Simon Cowell retorted that HE BET if she sang in a bar, half of the people would leave. She viciously believed otherwise.

They called a bet. She lost. More than half of the crowd left the bar when she sang.

Passionately Red is not enough, especially when you are NOT GIFTED for it.

I heard of a guy who really excelled in music more than any other gift in his life, but because of his family pressuring him to take over the businesses, he never gave MUSIC a shot. To date, he has closed 12 unsuccessful business ventures in a span of a decade.

Excellently Yellow is not enough too. You may HAVE THE GIFT, but it’s not a guarantee you’ll END UP USING IT.

How many friends do we have who “earn well” but feel “stuck” and wished someone “paid them to do what they loved”?

Financially Green won’t give you fulfillment especially when you DO NOT LOVE what you are being PAID TO DO.

The key is to get caught IN THE MIDDLE OF THE 3 :)

You are passionate for what you do.

You are the best at it.

You are paid well to do it.

Everyone knows this is NO overnight thing. Some people take a lifetime to find it.

But if you focus and commit to find that MIDDLE SPOT, no matter how slow, I’m sure you’ll do great things and be really fulfilled doing them.

So start drawing your circles as soon as you can!

And have fun:)

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