For those contemplating to be unfaithful….

Taking Manhood Back

For those contemplating to be unfaithful….

…. wait and read this first

We think we know what will secure greater happiness – marriage or divorce, a higher salary or professional recognition, steamier sex or deeper intimacy, a new faith or a better spiritual experience – the list is as long as humans are ingenious in imagining greener grass on the far side of the fence. But we don’t realize how hungry we really are. Small potatoes won’t satisfy. We need a banquet table only God can spread. – Donald McCullough, Waking From the American Dream (Downers, Grove, Ill: Intervarsity, 1988), p87

I think we all have tried to seek for greater happiness. Whether its a new purchase of stuff, a new girlfriend and for some even a new wife. We all soon come to the reality of life – stuff, money, people can never fully satisfy. We cannot look for life among these things. We need to look for life to the giver of life.

That is why there is addiction of many kinds. Porn addiction, drug addiction, sex addiction, power addiction. Because we think the more we get it, the more satisfied we get. But the opposite is true. The more we indulge in these things, the more we want. It will never stop. It actually eats you up. Only when we find satisfaction in Christ can we find rest and peace.