Daddy, Where are You?

Taking Manhood Back

Daddy, Where are You?

Excerpts taken from Point Man by Steve Farrar, pp45-46

Samuel Osheron did a study of 370 men who graduated from Harvard in the mid-1960’s. These men are the “successes” of our society, the guys who made it. Armed with degrees from Harvard, they went out into their respective vocational battlefields and won… and won big. Yet many of them were scarred and wounded by fathers who were not there emotionally for them as they were growing up.

Osheron sums up his research: “The interviews that I have had with men in their thirties and forties convince me that the psychological or physical absence of their fathers from their families is one of the great underestimated tragedies of our times.”

If you are a father reading this blog or you were asked by your kids to read this, ask the hard question – Where are you??? Your family needs you more than your work. Work will never be finished but the years lost in spending time with your family will never be gained back.

For those who are living in fatherless homes, I do pray that you find your comfort in the Father’s love. God is the father of the fatherless.

Here is a good resource for those who don’t have fathers and those who want to be good fathers.

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