Dissecting Manhood with Author Ru Dela Torre

Taking Manhood Back

Dissecting Manhood with Author Ru Dela Torre

Had the chance to interview Ru Dela Torre, author of three books and a youth pastor in His Life Pampanga on his thoughts about manhood, women and dating.

Dennis Sy: What is a Real Man for you?

RU: Loves God above all else. Lives to Honor God. Worships God in Spirit and in Truth (pleasing God is his lifestyle). Makes Disciples and Impacts His world. 😉

Here’s a checklist that our readers might want to look at: (random thoughts)

a. He has self-control.
b. He is humble.
c. He is not afraid to make a stand for God
d. He prays a lot
e. He loves others
f. He is a gentleman
g. He is joy-filled
h. He is responsible and trustworthy
i. He has integrity. (His word is His bond)
j. Knows how to sacrifice for God and for others

I can go on and on…Just look to Jesus—He’s the perfect model…;) J  

D.Sy: I heard you had 20++ girlfriends before and you have made a shift in your dating outlook/perspective. What is the major change?

RU: LOL. How did you know? Who told you? Ahahaha!!! Well uhm, The reason why I got into a lot of relationships was because of:

a. peer pressure 😉 coming from a boys’ school in highschool, we used to believe that having no girlfriends meant ugly. 1 girlfriend meant ordinary. 2 is above average…and 3 girlfriends at a time meant, “you’re the man!” That’s what drove me to wanting to have more girlfriends. 😉

b. my girlfriends became my source of security. I felt that I was complete only if I had them. That’s why I went in and out….hopped from one to another….because I couldn’t stand being “not  in a relationship.”

When I became a christian, I realized that the purpose of a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship is preparation for marriage. Girlfriends are not trophies.

My security and completion is in the Lord. J He is my shepherd, I have all that I need. If He gives me a wife…great.  If not… it’s all good. It’s just a bonus. My completion is in Christ.

D.SY: Any love advice for the (single) men reading this blog?

RU: Wait for God’s best. Don’t settle for anything less than God’s best. 😉 Don’t rush. Enjoy the waiting. Enjoy the journey.

Matthew 6:33
Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added unto you.

Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my Shepherd, I have all that I need. J

**Look for a woman who can help you become more Christ-like. She must be a blessing (somebody who will help you draw closer to God).

D.SY:  Thanks RU for accomodating me!!! God bless you


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