What? Me? Malabo?

Taking Manhood Back

What? Me? Malabo?

On any given day, it’s easy for my husband–or any male friend for that matter–  to come up with just one question summing up their musings about women. In fact, the question comes up very frequently, if not at least once every that-time-of-the-month.

 Bakit ang labo niyong mga babae?”

 What? Malabo? Us? Me?!

Definitely, they would answer. And the litany begins: that time we say we are okay, then suddenly pout when he shrugs and goes back to what he’s doing.  Or maybe that day we cried over some movie, even though the plot was either simple or simply cliche.  What about that minute we ran to him asking for advice, and when he gave his honest-to-goodness solution, we crossed our arms and said all we needed was an ear–not an ultimatum?

Why the unspoken request to read minds? Open doors? Feel more deeply? Feel what we’re feeling more deeply? Be more sensitive? Too confusing!

 Uy, grabe ka naman.

 And then they say men aren’t wired that way at all.  And that maybe we are truly worlds apart. Men from Mars, Women from Venus, remember?

Not really.

I’d like to share a little secret: we aren’t all that different, and we weren’t at all meant to find each other vague and/or confusing.  I believe it only really takes a bit of tweaking of perspective to understand women, and vice versa. Make that one,  big tweak, in fact.

 The key to understanding a woman is understanding that her Creator and your Creator are one and the same.

 Men and women were created by one God.

 In His Image and likeness.

 Not from Mars or Venus, but Eden.

Both created as amazing masterpieces by a King who Himself has so many facets, that these can’t have all just been bottled up in one human. It is in understanding those sides of our God that clarifies every single question of why women are the way they are.

The differences are not so much “malabo” as they are beautiful, actually.

Because just as men are fashioned after that side of God that is powerful, who provides and who protects, women are in turn actually reflections of that side of God who is filled with emotions, love, and passion for His creation.  That’s where she gets all her love, her tears, her joy. That’s where she gets her compassion, and at the extreme, her strength in anger and often times even jealousy!

And if you know God to be that way–wanting, even craving your attention, wanting to know all about your world, wanting to be wanted by you, loved by you and pursued by you, then you’d have unlocked the key to knowing every single woman’s heart.

But bearing God’s softer side doesn’t make her–us–all that perfect. Left to her own, the female specie has the tendency to wear her heart not just on her sleeve, but entire ensemble! At times she gets defiant, and allows her emotions to deal with everything, in not necessarily the most God-glorifying way.

Kaya nagiging malabo.

But then, that’s why you’re there.

Yes you, the man reading this.

The man who keeps things simple. Who sincerely asks if we’re okay.  That man who quips that the movie we just watched was entirely cheesy and simply cliche.  You who open your arms and ears for the time we need advice and sincerely dish out the most efficient way you feel can solve our problems.

We may not entirely agree on how we balance out, but that’s two-thirds how it’s supposed to be.

The remaining one-third lies in Him, the only one who can make perfect sense of us both.

The remaining one-third is in that moment when that man who knows and loves the same God we do, sinks to his knees right beside us and brings the most confusing situations to the foot of the Cross.  That moment when we both recognize that the Cross is the only one, unifying symbol that says no matter who we are, male or female, our one God knows each our faults, loves us just the same, and has us covered.

Left to each ourselves, magkakalabuan talaga tayo.

But then that’s why He’s there.

“Nevertheless, in the Lord woman is not independent of man nor man of woman; for as woman was made from man, so man is now born of woman. And all things are from God.” ~ 1 Corinthians 11-12

Michelle Orosa-Ople is a broadcast journalist spending most of her waking hours getting to the bottom of issues and peeking into people’s minds. She is fascinated by God’s work in every person’s character and finds herself marvelling at His creations every day. Her special skill is being able to run marathons or rallies on three-inch heels, but her favorite days are when she can put those heels aside, and relax with her husband, family and friends, fully cherishing her favorite people in the world over good food, wine, Kodak moments and her pambahay get-up. She has her own radio show “Oplan Asenso” on 92.3 News FM.

You can follow her at twitter: https://twitter.com/michelleorosa


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