Taking Manhood Back


We cannot avoid pain. Pain is inevitable. When men gets out of their comfort zone and starts taking risk, they will experience pain but the lessons learned during painful moments makes us stronger as men.

Weak men are men who never tries to go out there and do something brave. They choose not to get their hands dirty.

I could still remember getting hooked with Philippine Basketball is the late 80’s when I saw my first Ginebra San Miguel Game with Robert Jaworski. I saw a team that was willing to dive to get the ball, the never say die spirit that would not give up. A team who would never cower in fear. The players were not fearful of pain – the good kind of pain. They drive hard, defended hard, dived for the loose ball and played hard. And the whole nation cheered for them. It was Hardcore Basketball. They were not afraid to get injured. What they were afraid was not to give their best to the fans who were watching them.

The basketball in the PBA started having a shift when a bunch of players getting high salaries were not willing to play that hard because of the fear of getting injured. The game was full of jump shots and less of the hustle and hard play. It became safe and boring – something you wouldn’t like in basketball and if you think about it, a life you wouldn’t want to live – SAFE and BORING.

What I’m saying basically is simple. We will experience pain but pain that takes you out of your comfort zone is not bad. It is good pain. Get your bruises and your cuts. It’s time to take it to the next level.