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The Problem with recent Filipino movies today….

……. is that they are desensitizing us from painful realities of life, marriage and relationships.

I know movies reflect the culture we live in today. That is partly true but to highlight it because that is what people want, more sex scenes, mistresses, the other woman and for some other women, same sex relationships and even secret affairs – it doesn’t really help.

It desensitizes us and our family. It is messed up. I know because I am a pastor who would experience having women come to us crying because they caught their husband in adultery. It destroys the children. It destroys the basic unit of society. Young people today are wounded and insecure because they come from a worldview that all men are cheaters. Women complain about it but are actually part of it. Men are saying “but it’s just adultery, you are the one I truly love”.

When we have come to a point where we spend our hard earned money to watch a predictable movie about a man being unfaithful and women being turned into sexual objects – then Philippines we have a problem.

We are so passionate about the RH bill – to protect the right of women but on the same breath we see nothing wrong with movies depicting women as sexual objects and desensitizing us to what is normal and not normal.

Imagine a dad driving in Edsa with his 6 year old daughter:

Kid: Dad, what is a secret affair?

Dad: Honey, it’s about a daddy/man who promised to love one woman but breaks his promise and secretly loves another woman.

Kid: Ohh isn’t that bad

Dad: Well, I don’t know now. Since we are more “modern”, it is normal. 

Kid: Oh okay when I grow up I want to love more men.

Dad: Well I guess you can say that!!!

I know my kids will grow up with this culture. In my own little way, I want to fight what we celebrate, what we watch, what we put in our hearts and lives. I am not writing this to declare what I am against.

I am for strong marriages. I am for marital integrity. I am for strong families. But if we continue to dish out movies like these, then we expose the generation after us of what they would think is normal and common.

Sexual infidelity, adultery, pornography, same sex relationships – it doesn’t shock us anymore. It doesn’t scare us anymore. We doublespeak and sugar coat everything. Marital commitment is sacrificed in the pursuit of our personal happiness.

We are paying the price – literally. Not your P200 movie ticket but the desensitization of a generation where adultery, sexual promiscuity, pre-marital sex is normal and even celebrated. I am not calling everyone to boycott the movie but to think whether to invest in movies like these.

We, the Filipinos fuel what the movie industry shows. It is our responsibility. Help us God.



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