The Race Singles Getaway

Taking Manhood Back

The Race Singles Getaway

I was privileged and honored to be one of the speakers in Victory Quezon City’s Singles Getaway this year. The theme for their camp is THE RACE. I had a great time interacting with the singles regarding their purpose, work and love life.

There were 104 singles who attended this life-changing event. It was a blast speaking to mostly UP graduates. The question I posted to the single: Are you caged by life’s trivial pursuit or are you living in God’s wild, untamed adventure for you?

We need to be reminded that Jesus did not die a horrendous, dangerous death to keep you safe, He died to make us dangerous. 

Session 2 topic was about WHO ARE YOU RUNNING WITH? I shared my thoughts on friendship and marriage. “ I have never known anyone who was isolated, lonely, unconnected, had no deep relationships – yet had a meaningful and joy filled life.”

With Pastor Edgar and Jeng Gorre and family, who are doing a fantastic job in leading the church in Victory Quezon City. At the back is Nomer who heads up the singles ministry of Victory QC.