Say It Like It Is

Taking Manhood Back

Say It Like It Is

We men love to double speak. We sugar coat stuff that makes us uncomfortable.

We say affair, when it is adultery.

We say “i’m still thinking about it”, when it is either laziness or fear

We say “I’m going to change some day”, when it actually is procrastination.

Once we start to double speak, we are either trying to lighten the responsibility bestowed upon us as men or it is an excuse to run away from the things we are called to do as men.

When we call “adultery” an “affair”, we are saying that this is just a fling, a light thing. It is not as if I’ll be unfair forever. You will still be my first wife. Baloney!!!

Men, let us hold on to what we profess. We profess faith in Christ. We acknowledge His kingship over our lives. That means we need to fight the good fight of faith. Let us avoid sugar coating and making excuses that tries to lighten something so major. Get accountable with other men. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you in times like these when you find yourself double speaking. Shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up with some men in church that could help you.