Watch your Tongue

Taking Manhood Back

Watch your Tongue

Here are some ways men need to watch their tongue when dealing with the opposite sex:

1. Shouting.

Men never ever ever shout at a woman. I don’t care what they have done or how you have an anger issue, I see no reason why a man would shout at a woman. Your girl is not deaf. Talk to her properly. Be gentle in your words. If need to be confronted, use gentle but firm words. Never communicate out of anger. If at the height of your emotions better not talk first and cool yourself first rather than regretting saying something at the height of your anger.

Women, if a man who is courting you shouts at you, that is a BIG RED WARNING SIGN. You are in some dangerous relationship.

2. Flirting

Men don’t use your tongue to manipulate your way to a woman’s heart. Men, don’t aks me if what is the line between pure love and flirting. I think you know. Flirting with girls is not the gentleman’s way. It is when you are authentic about how you feel about the girl that makes relationships work. Husbands, stop flirting with your co-workers in the office. A man loves only one woman and has no room to flirt.

3. Green Jokes and Crude Jokes

Men, we love to tell green jokes because we think it gives us MAN points. It doesn’t. It actually makes us look weak. Here is also what I realized. A man who loves to tell of his sex life publicly don’t have one privately.

I met a man who would publicly declare his sex life with his wife. We thought, “wow, he has such an amazing sex life.” After dinner, the wife told my wife how their sex life sucks.

One more thing, never make fun of your wife. Don’t tell jokes about/regarding your wife. I learned this early on in marriage. Since I am a natural joker, I would sometimes use my wife as the subject of my joke. Bad move, bad idea, stupid of me. I have since repented because I knew I hurt my wife in expense for some few laughs.




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