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What Women Want Men to Know

Here is our 5th installment of What Women want Men to Know by Ronna Bonifacio

When Dennis asked me to guest blog for Act Like a Man about what women want men to know, it was easy to come up with ten million points. But instead, let’s have some fun and talk about what men should know about women’s craziness! Yes, we have our shortcomings and mistakes and we don’t like to admit them too. (Kala niyo kayo lang, no?) So in behalf of most women, (because this really can’t apply to all only to most,) let me share my top three realities you should know about our silly specie.

1. We will get upset with you but we won’t tell you why. You have to guess. Better yet, you have to know. 

We do this because deep in our hearts we believe you are mind readers and are excellent at interpreting body language. We also believe very strongly in your ability to go through a full day of work and have enough brain cells to read into every little thing we did AND didn’t do/say to be able to arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

We do this foolish thing when we act out of selfishness and think “you should know by now” just because “you have known me for XXX years/months/days/seconds.” We feel that if you are sensitive enough to our thoughts and actions, you will be able to deduce why we are mad at you. But as Mark Gungor said (I’m paraphrasing), if women want men to be more sensitive, we should just marry another woman. So if your girlfriend/fiancee/wife gets mad at you and doesn’t tell you why, please remind her you are not Madame Auring. (Tip: Do it nicely!)

2. We have a terrible sense of our own body image.

But we are generous in complimenting our friends who have the same vital statistics. – Every mirror to us is like a Fun House mirror that emphasizes parts of our body we don’t like. We’ll complain about our tummies, arms, and thighs, while stuffing our face with pizza and cupcakes. But when BFF comes along who’s exactly the same size as us, we’ll be the first to say “Omigosh! You’re like so sexy! You totally don’t need to lose any weight!” Yes, we’re crazy.

So what do you do? Help her remember that her self-worth is not based on her waist line but the cross, and that she also can’t keep a good one by whining. Also to stop comparing herself with airbrushed, ‘photoshopped’, 100% edited models and celebrities on billboards.

3. We like to talk to our girlfriends.

We like you. We most likely have spoken to our girlfriends about you. Everything about you. – Notice how we like to open our mouths endlessly to process our emotions and thoughts? So if you and girly have an issue, there’s a good likelihood that she’s opened her mouth and “processed” about her “concerns” to her amigas, but it’s actually borderline gossip. When we put our hearts and mouths before the Holy Spirit, this is where we go. “But I’m just trying to understand my feelings!” Yeah, right. We just want someone on our “side.”

When she pulls this on you, put your foot down and establish ground rules. It’s best for us to talk to commonly trusted mentors (who have been established by both parties) about our men issues rather than blabbing it on social media. Help her realize that we wouldn’t want you guys talking to all your buds about your issues with us, yeah?

Ronna Capili is a Filipina lifestyle writer and a fashion and beauty editor for an online publication in her twenties just trying to make her way. She loves to learn, enjoys fashion and beauty, and believes in one God. She proudly stands less than five feet tall, thus the blog’s title and her moniker. Ronna loves drinking coffee and brewed iced tea, eating potatoes, and believes a girl can never have too many shoes.

Visit her website: http://littlegirlwrites.wordpress.com/

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