Batang Pera Henyo

Taking Manhood Back

Batang Pera Henyo

It was a privilege to be one of the speakers of the recently concluded SCHOOL TALK: Batang Pera Henyo 2012. I was tasked to talk about OK sa Outlook – encouraging parents and young people to have a different outlook when it comes to money and life. My talk was inspired by the book of Pastor Joey Bonifacio The LEGO Principle: The power of connecting to God and one another.

I talked about the 6 universal values we have.

God and Money

Life and Food

Body and Clothes

and our tendency to focus on the secondary values – money, food and clothes instead of investing in the primary values – God, Life and Body.

The only way our kids can know what is valuable and what matters is if we show them what really matters. I think this is the greatest gift you can give your kids.

Once again thank you to the organizers of School Talk, Luis and Jen Magalong, Monica Poliquit and everyone who made the event  fun.

For recap of the event, check out this blog: