Taking Manhood Back


Blog inspired by Clara Benin’s Song “CLOSURE”

This is a very sensitive topic but something that every man needs to know and what every woman wants every time a romantic relationship ends – CLOSURE.

Closure does not mean – let’s split up and not talk about it.

Closure doesn’t mean texting someone to end the relationship. If you are a guy, please do the world a favor – if a relationship is not going to work – don’t text, email or skype the girl – tell it straight to her. And this principle also applies with women.

Closure is being upfront and transparent to each other. Closure is a win-win situation even though you are closing a relationship that could have been. If you were transparent when you courted the girl, I think she deserves your transparency when it comes to closing a relationship.

No closure makes it harder for somebody to move on. No closure is inviting false hope or security that it still could be when you know it won’t be. Understand that both of you made investments in the relationship. Closure is a hard process to go through but it is essential and healthy for both parties.

Some would ask – What if there is a future for us and I have made closure? I think the answer is simple. Find the key and unlock her heart again. I think its a man’s job to take the risk of opening it up again if it ever happens.


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