Forced To Success

Taking Manhood Back

Forced To Success

Going to the airport for a flight back to Manila, i had a casual chat with a top sales executive.

He asked me how I landed into singing, I told him my first job was being a cook at my Dad’s restaurant.

He said, “Richard, I’m happy that you found a job(singing) you are passionate about, many do not.”

So I asked him what he took up in college, he said, “Finance”, and I said, “How intruiging that you are now doing well in Sales.” Queer…:)

Here’s what caught my attention, he said, “People don’t go to college to take up a course in ‘Sales’.

Let me give you a real statistic: do you know that over 90% of our most successful salesforce were forced into their job?”

“Initially FORCED to do it(sales)?” I quipped.

“Most lost their jobs and had no options left.”



So LIKING THE JOB FROM THE START is NOT an accurate yardstick if it will turn out good.

I like this idea because I’m guilty myself—at the start, I resented my manager’s advice to go a path singing the standards/classics.
Looking back, I’m glad I obeyed his directions.

Now I love the songs I used to hate:)

So, keep an eye on your answered prayer, YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS might start from a JOB that INITIALLY DOESN’T APPEAL TO YOU:)

Richard Poon is  a Certified multi-Platinum recording artist Richard Poon is the Philippines’ “Big-Band” Crooner. He blogs his thoughts on his own site, click here to visit

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