Taking Manhood Back


We’ve grown up knowing that HONESTY is the BEST POLICY.

The Bible talks about how integrity is better than a riches. That our good name is more valuable than riches.

We have forgotten in our generation that when we talk about value- it is not just monetary. It goes beyond money.

When I married Thammie – I was not rich in the world’s sense. Yes we could eat 3 meals a day but I can’t just buy her stuff that she wants. It’s not that I am selfish, but some things I cannot afford. But thank God that stuff and materials don’t make marriages work better.

Warren Buffett said that “HONESTY IS A VERY EXPENSIVE GIFT.” It means it is of high value and if you treat your girlfriend, fiancee/ spouse with value, you have to give her a gift no money can buy – it is our honesty and integrity.

As an application, that means I will be honest to my wife. I will tell her how I feel and I will give her opportunity always to tell how she feels without the fear of being judged or reprimanded.

Honesty requires open communication. Once you have open communication – you would also feel the urge to defend yourself. Don’t. Just process it with your spouse and ask her how you can be a better man. Honesty requires that we humble ourselves and face the brutal fact of our leadership and attitude.

Here is a video to celebrate HONESTY: