One Job Every Day

Taking Manhood Back

One Job Every Day

It doesn’t matter what job you have now – a call center agent, a real estate broker, a janitor, a politician, an actor or a doctor – we have one job everyday – to get better at what we do.

Some call it stepping up.

Others call it manning up.

while others call it leveling up.

If there is one common denominator with those words its the word UP.

You cannot settle. Oh sorry, you can settle if you don’t want to change anything but please do not complain that opportunities are not coming your way.

You have to improve. There is no reason to settle. That is why I don’t like the word retirement. Retirement is settling down. If I grow old – I want to impart my experiences to other men, coach fathers and train men. I don’t want to settle.

If you are in a stage of your life that you are settling already – then think again. We only have one life to live.