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The List

Today, a guest writer Lynnette Garces, who was once a model, and an elementary school teacher from Hawaii, is now enjoying her life here in the Philippines as a missionary. Lynnette will be giving her helpful insights on this on going series of What Women Want Men To Know regarding the “List”.

The “List”… every woman has some form of list when it comes to what she wants in her future husband.

Ever since I was a young girl there were certain characteristics that I wanted in my future husband. They had to be tall, dark and handsome, smart, respectful, educated, family oriented, goal oriented, ambitious, funny, a Christian and my long list went on. But as I grew older, the list of what I wanted for my future husband began to mature as I matured. This matured list had a key element that I was missing from the very beginning.

After two failed non-Christian relationships, I began to find the importance of finding a man that loves Jesus more than I do. When I got to know Jesus on a personal level, I learned how God viewed me as his daughter. I began to value myself and in turn I wanted to be valued by my future husband the way I deserved to be.

My faith became important and living a life that represents the value Jesus placed in me became important. I began having a relationship and falling in love with my one true spiritual man, Jesus. And any man that came close to perusing me, loving me, protecting me the way Jesus did, would be the potential man I would marry. My list was based on how Jesus pursued and loved me. I now had the key element to my list.

From the newfound maturity, I learned and found myself attracted to men who had the potential to lead me spiritually. I didn’t want a man that just called himself a Christian or who just attended church services. To me, they were mediocre and because I believed in the high value Jesus place on me as His daughter, mediocre was not good enough. I wanted a man that had a personal, close and deep relationship with Jesus and that loved him more than I did.

I took this new key element to heart. I truly believed that if a man can lead me spiritually, I could trust him in leading me in the relationship. I could trust that sexual temptations would be resisted. I could trust that I would be respected. I could trust that he would be faithful. I could trust that he would love me unconditionally. I could trust that in difficult times he would not give up on the marriage because he loves Jesus more than I do.

You see…I had it all backwards from the beginning. My list that I created and had all these years really didn’t matter without the key element in it. So what do women want? I believe that all women, whether they know it or not, want a man who will love and pursue them as Jesus would.

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