Living a More Balanced Life

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Living a More Balanced Life

I was reading some back blogs and came across Michael Hyatt’s blog on how to have a more balanced life that actually makes a lot of sense. With the onslaught of work, the demands of family and ministry and my personal health, how can I balance my life more?

He gives us three ways:

Glance at the past. Your past is helpful but don’t get stuck. Remember past events with the attitude of a learner but only briefly. Let yesterday’s success and failure be guides for today’s activities. Five percent of your time should be spent here.
Work in the present. In other words, be in the moment. Establish your priorities and goals and be diligent on what needs to be done today. Seventy percent of your activity should be engaged here.
Focus on the future. Look forward to where you want or need to go. Where your eyes are fixed is where the rest of your “biking” will take you. Twenty-five percent of your focus should be set here.

Finally, trusting God in the midst of your present circumstances makes you not worry about the past, present or future.

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