One More Round

Taking Manhood Back

One More Round

I blogged three days ago about winners knowing when to quit.

I think most of the victory happens after one more round. The round where most fighters stop.

How unfortunate it is for men to quit the fight when there is still one more round.

Some of the greatest victories in history happened in the last few seconds of the fight. They say it’s not how you start but how you finish.

This is true in marriage. Fight for your marriage. In the brink of divorce, go one to two more rounds. Court her again. Love her like never before. It takes one more round.

This is true with your career. Don’t stop till you get your dream job. Some people quit on the verge of getting it.

This is true with sin. You might have been struck down but like what Paul said, “STRUCK DOWN BUT NOT DESTROYED”. I think we all need to put that tagline everywhere. I may be down but I am not yet out.

With God’s help and strength, I can go one more round.