Sports Widows?

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Sports Widows?

Sports widows?


I first ran into this “term” a few years ago while reading a book. It said that most wives become “sports widows” at home because

their husbands would be so glued to football/baseball games on TV that it left out much intimate conversation with them & the family.

I thought this was too dramatic until an elderly “separated” woman told me her bitter past—-her husband(glued to Sports every night) would come home & just take the plate of food she prepared for him, not notice the table settings she fixed for “two” ,pull the dinner chair into the sala in front of the TV and stay there all night.

The other day, I was watching an elderly man glued for hours to the News channel(Obama vs. Romney, U.S. Presidential Race). He’s separated with his wife too. He has always had very strong and loud comments on “Sports” & “Politics”:)

It had me thinking—- SPORTS & POLITICS are really entertaining, especially if you’re a guy(or in the company of testosterone-filled men).

But I hope(in the future) I can have “stronger” comments on my family, because I’ve spent more time getting to know them as they change through the years. I hope I dont make them “widows” with me at home, whether it be “Sports” or “Politics”, or whatever I’m addicted to on the screen:)

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