Winners never Quit is actually a myth….

Taking Manhood Back

Winners never Quit is actually a myth….


Now this doesn’t mean you quit. Most of our breakthroughs happen on the verge of quitting. It is when you know you have exhausted all options that you decide to quit. Whether it is in pursuing a career or project that you know might work, don’t quit on the onset. Don’t make the excuse that it is hard because you have to face the hard fact of life. LIFE IS HARD.

When is it the right time to quit?

Personally, I think the right time to quit is when everybody quits and you still try to give it your best shot. After that – i think you can quit.

Bruce Lee said, “Once you understand that defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.” That means when everybody is giving up, that is when you get more aggressive. That’s where you tap into your second wind and make it happen.

One more reason to quit is when you know the relationships that matters in life are being affected by your blind, relentless ambition to achieve whatever success you have in mind.

We have seen this happen all the time. Successful and rich business people but goes home to an empty house or a depressed wife. I have a friend who is climbing the ladder of political success. I told him to assess if all the power is worth it? Do not exchange your family for worldly success. Once you are on your way there – learn how to stop and make the tough decision – QUIT. Because winners know when to quit.