Daddy says Sorry

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Daddy says Sorry

I’ve never heard this teaching before. It was more than ten years ago. Pastor Joey Bonifacio was preaching in church and he recounts a time in his life when God told him to say sorry to his kids. I never thought it could happen. You see our culture tells us that as fathers we have every right to be mad, shout at people and be controlling since we bring home the money. We are the ones who work really hard, goes home tired and what do we get? Kids who are unappreciative of our sacrifice.

That’s what I thought. I grew up that way. Not that it was deliberate but it was the norm and the culture. So to hear a dad say sorry to his child stucked with me. I am now a father of three kids. I also know that I have flared up and did some mistakes in raising my kids. There are many times I have to say sorry to them. It’s hard at first but once you get the heart of fathering, it is actually liberating. Dads, saying sorry means we don’t have to act almighty and perfect, that we do commit mistakes. The issue is when and how will we respond if that ever happens.

Sorry is such a powerful word. I think most of your kids would want to hear that from their parents. It is OKAY to say sorry.

By the way, you can buy Pastor Joey’s book The LEGO Principle: The power of connecting to God and one another. Highly recommend this book!!!