Self Esteem?

Taking Manhood Back

Self Esteem?

Books would say that dads need to give kids self-esteem. I have always been a doubter when it comes to the self-esteem stuff that is permeating almost every book today.

Self -esteem is not something you can give. I think only when you find your strength in Christ can you have esteem and it doesn’t even come from your self.

In short, you build courage, you build confidence.  You can;t give self esteem, you build their esteem in Christ.

I can’t give it. I have to build it with the people around me which includes my wife, my kids, my team in church and my friends.

Here is how we build esteem: You give them something they can’t do, they work their whole heart into it and find out they can’t so they have to rely on a greater strength (God) and repeat the process every day of their life.



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