Fathers and their effect on Daughters

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Fathers and their effect on Daughters

Fathers play a strong role in their daughter’s sexual adjustment. Women who had a strong, stable relationship with a loving father usually find the adjustment to mature femininity much easier. They are usually more secure in their sexual nature and they find it easier to love their husbands.

Fathers also strongly influence their daughter’s future capacity to enjoy sexual relationships in marriage. The by-now classic studies conducted at the Institute of Sexual Research consistently found that women whose fathers had been the dominant figure in the home and who had enjoyed a strong and stable relationship with their fathers were better able to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse than women whose fathers were either passive or undependable. Thus, in order to enjoy sexual relationships, a woman needs to have experienced a stable relationship with her father; she needs to feel that men can be depended upon and trusted in order to be able to let herself go during the act of intercourse.

Dr. Peter Blitchington, Sex Roles and the Christian Family (Wheaton, Ill.: Tyndale House, 1984) p121

Fathers do not underestimate your role in your daughter’s life. God has designed fathers to play a major role in the life of their daughters.

“Many a young woman who opts for immoral sexual relationship does so because she can scarcely remember a time when her father so much as touched her. Unaffectionate dads, without ever ever wishing to do so, can trigger a daughter’s promiscuity.

Dads, show how much you care. Be affectionate to your daughters. Hug them, kiss them, say how much you love them. Protect them, care for them, value them, date them.




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