Great Books to give to your Boys and Girls

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Great Books to give to your Boys and Girls

This year has been a breakthrough year for us as parents because we have seen how both our girls loves to read books. Alyanna has been reading like a librarian this year. She got fascinated with the books of Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House and since that time we have been searching for books that would actually help her build her character.

Today, I found out that Irene Howat’s books are on sale in Amazon Kindle. Irene Howat is an award-winning author who has many titles, for adults and children, to her name. She is married to a retired minister and they have a grown up family. She is also a talented artist and now stays in Ayrshire, Scotland. She especially enjoys letters from children and replies to all of them!

I bought all of them and would just want to share it with everyone. Her books are highly recommended for kids.

If you want to check out her books that are on sale, click on the link below

Irene Howat’s books on sale