Great Burdens = Insane Ideas for 2013

Taking Manhood Back

Great Burdens = Insane Ideas for 2013

For the past three weeks and since the birth of our baby boy, I am able to read a lot of books that are actually help me with some insane ideas for next year. But insane ideas are birthed out of a great burden. I have since quit having insane ideas just for insanity’s sake. With the birth of Actlikeaman two years ago, God has created a tribe of men and some women to carry the burden of manhood in their own sphere of influence whether in social media or outside of it.

So let me get back about burdens. Here are some of the things that are burning in my heart that I hope to see come to fruition next year as we take to greater influence in society and culture.

1. The burden to see men embrace their role as leaders in every facet of their life. 

2. The burden to educate and mentor men in the areas of work, finance and relationships.

and lastly, something that has been burning in my heart for the past three months…

3. The burden to educate, help and protect men and women from sexual assault and sexual violence.

I’ll blog more about this next year but if you don have an interest to help, shoot me an email or if you know someone who could tremendously help in this area, pls hook me up with them. My email is

So in light of this great burdens, here are some insane ideas that would take out of the box.

 1. Act Like a Man Conference – imagine having some of the most sought after speakers in the country ( Randell Tiongson, Jayson Lo, Yeng Remulla) in one event. It promises to be explosive!!!

2. The release of my 2nd book by God’s grace. It is a book on how you can be 10x better as a man.

3. A campaign for the victims of sexual assault and violence. 







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