The Greatest Achievement of a Man

Taking Manhood Back

The Greatest Achievement of a Man

Jeremy Schaap (ESPN Magazine) interviews Manny Pacquiao:

SCHAAP: What do you think of all the criticism Mayweather is getting now for not fighting you, even from some of his supposed friends like 50 Cent?
PACQUIAO: I have no comment.

SCHAAP: You won’t sit here and say he’s ducking you?
PACQUIAO: I’m not gonna say bad words.

SCHAAP: Those might be factual words.
PACQUIAO: I’m not gonna say words that can hurt someone. It can hurt their heart.

SCHAAP: He said things that have hurt your heart.
PACQUIAO: It’s okay. The more humble you are, the more God will lift you up.

SCHAAP: Here’s the last thing, Manny: What do you consider the greatest achievement in your life?
PACQUIAO: When I found God.

SCHAAP: No more drinking?
PACQUIAO: No more drinking. No more gambling. No more girls. Only my wife. And my family. And no more bad words. Obey the commandments of God.

SCHAAP: No more vices?
PACQUIAO: No more.

SCHAAP: It’s boring being Manny Pacquiao now?
PACQUIAO: No, I’m happy.

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