The Lego Principle

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The Lego Principle

One of the books that I was really looking forward to read this year is best selling author and my pastor Joey Bonifacio’s The LEGO Principle: The power of connecting to God and one another. I think every man should read this book for the following reasons:

– as men, we are called to lead our family spiritually thus to connect with God is our top priority. I love how Pastor Joey Bonifacio used business stories, father stories to drive home some of his points.

– as men, we are relationally challenged. To have a book showing us how relationship works is something we all must read.

– as men, we are tasked to make disciples. It means we are called to teach men about God.

The LEGO Principle: The power of connecting to God and one another teaches us all of this and more. Here are some of my notes and quotable quotes:

Isn’t it amazing how we see obedience to God’s commands as following rules while Jesus sees them from a standpoint of a relationship? Discipleship is relationship.

To Jesus, teaching was just the vehicle to help people learn how to love God and others. Relationship was the end goal, not teaching.

Without God we can’t, without us He won’t.

I believe God rested on the 7th day to sit back and enjoy all of His creation. To rest, therefore, is to enjoy. To enjoy is to rest.

If God can wait for people, so should we.

All relationships are completely different. No one sized fits all recipe can guarantee a great relationship.

My most favorite parts of the book talks about values. In fact, I was so inspired by the values part of the book that I made a talk out of it.

Hope you can get a copy of this book and buy 10 more to give to your boss, your wife, your girlfriend, and your officemates. It is definitely worth the investment. For my Philippines readers, The LEGO Principle: The power of connecting to God and one another is available in Fully Booked, House of Praise and the different Victory churches.

Here is a video of the USA book launch:

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