Pacquiao Loses and Wins

Taking Manhood Back

Pacquiao Loses and Wins

It’s been a long time since our nation experienced a stunning loss. Today, we see one of our sports hero Manny Pacquiao KO’d by Juan Miguel Marquez.

Marquez said “I hit him with the perfect punch.” And I think that was the reason Manny loss. “I got overconfident. I never expected that punch.”, Manny said.¬† It’s sports. Somebody has to win, somebody has to lose. For this time around, it’s Pacquiao’s turn to lose. Manny said in his post fight interview, ”¬†That’s boxing. Sometimes you get hit.”

And I know it hurts us a lot. We can’t take the loss. We are not used to losing. I still have mixed emotions with the Pacquiao loss but on the other hand I know that Pacquiao has shifted in his perspective about boxing and life in general. As much as he loves boxing, boxing is just boxing. It is not the source of his life and happiness. We have seen fighters who have made sports or their fame their source of strength and manhood. The news about Ricky Hatton’s depression after the Pacquiao knockout is a classic example. Tyson’s bankruptcy and eventual imprisonment was due to his fame and money.

You see we can be so consumed with the fame, power and money. It entices us and makes us want to shift our focus on those values but as we also all know you can never put your life on that. After the Pacquiao loss, people are asking him to retire already and some are already tweeting bad stuff about him. It is how the world operates. You win, we idolize you, you lose we malign you. It is because as men we are wired to find our identity in our work.

Manny Pacquiao in his interviews have shifted his source of identity. He has publicly proclaimed that he is happy with his new found faith in Christ. He understands that even when the world turns its back on me, I am going to be okay. It might hurt but I am okay. I know who I am, I know my identity, I know my source of strength. There is always tomorrow.

But as for now, congratulations to the new winner of the boxing match, Juan Miguel Marquez

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