Val, Do You Understand Women?

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Val, Do You Understand Women?

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I had a recent amazing revelation!!!

After several months of knowing my girlfriend deeper, having fun times and not-so-fun times, I realized that the things we debate on, those things we don’t agree about- those are the things I simply do not understand about her. The things that she does that doesn’t makes sense to me logically. I think a lot of men would like to think that they are a little bit more logical thinkers than women. They invent these”logical” and “practical” reasons why they do the things they do.

Clashes happen when we can’t seem to figure out the logical reason why women do what they do!

But like I said, I had a revelation. Last weekend we attended a friend’s wedding and the pastor asked the groom: “do you understand women?”

The pastor, a learned and experienced man said, “because if you do understand women fully, you have to teach me..” He went on explaining that, as men, we can NEVER fully understand women and their ways. We cannot frame or justify their actions ¬†in our so called “men’s logic”.

I think it’s designed that way.

The pastor ended with a statement that somehow says: we should love them more instead.

I think we ought to LOVE women more than our efforts to understand them (although it’s worth the try). Many men, like me, are trying so hard (trust me, I do, really) to understand women and the reasons they do things- but have failed miserably. Ending up only with arguments. A mentor once told us that, as a soon-to-be married couple, we should stop going against each other, because it only means we’re going against ourselves. Because me and her should be ONE because of marriage. That is how God designed it to be.I think one of the best ways men could at least avoid conflicts with their partners is to STOP understanding them and START loving them.

Come to think of it, I would rather have God LOVE me unconditionally rather than trying to logically understand my actions. Specially at times when I do silly, stupid mistakes in my life. I’d rather have God hugging me and holding my hand rather than debating with me and asking me to justify my actions, right?

If I’m going to be with my fiancee forever, I should start learning this technique. I should ask God to teach me to love my future wife like He did love me. Never asking for logical¬†explanations- just LOVING me.

So to answer my own question, do I understand women? Maybe, but, naah, I’d rather LOVE them.