Values to Live By: Love

Taking Manhood Back

Values to Live By: Love

The world is also doubting. Ask a woman on the street what they think about men and most of them will say that men will at least cheat in a relationship once. There is a doubt of real love, a sacrificial love.

When I thought of the blog series values to live by, I was thinking of some of the traits, virtues and character that we have lost in the midst of hatred, unbelief and pessimism. It’s sad how many people miss out on the important values of life.

If in doubt, love. There will always be doubts because nobody can measure up to perfectness, only Jesus can. As human beings, we are too love in the midst of imperfection just as Christ loved us.

Men – love your wife in the midst of her hormonal changes, hysterical and historical behaviors. If you doubt more, love more.


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