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OxRyd: A New Energy Boosting Water

As a commitment to stay healthier this year as part of my RESOLVE2013, I am trying to get down to my ideal weight of 165llbs. I know it is a long way to go but with discipline, focus and grace from God I know it is achievable.

One of pillars of good health is drinking water especially the right kind of water. I was given an opportunity to taste and experience OxRyd water. What???

OxRyd is the first and only oxygen-rich bottled drinking water available in the market since 2009.  OxRyd undergoes oxygenation process called Electrolytic Hydrolysis. This process splits water into its smaller components and increases dissolved oxygen content. Along the whole process, the water becomes softer and water molecule clusters become smaller for faster cell absorption.

OxRyd gives you better hydration and that extra oxygen that you need. OxRyd enhances your body’s energy production in the cellular level by speeding up the breaking down of food molecules resulting to higher energy and improved stamina. I asked my daughters to try OxRyd water and they loved it. In fact, because they know of its effect since I told them the benefits of OxRyd water, they started drinking more water.

Personally, I also felt a boost of energy throughout the day when I started drinking OxRyd water regularly.

OxRyd promotes higher oxygen level for faster cell regeneration and strengthening of your immune system. OxRyd also helps your body to detoxify and in flushing out unwanted compounds from your system. Oxyrd water is actually very good to consume during fasting and detoxification.

OxRyd has a neutral PH level of 7 to 7.5 making it good for our body because it is its is not acidic nor is it too alkaline as it matches the PH level of blood.

The attractive blue bottle of OxRyd  protects OxRyd water from UV rays thus preserving the dissolved oxygen content and PH level.

OxRyd is available in all leading groceries nationwide.

PS: This is not a paid advertisement.