What Carla Dunareanu wants Men to Know

Taking Manhood Back

What Carla Dunareanu wants Men to Know

It’s very common in this day and age for men to play the submissive role in a relationship. Many a times a guy bends over backwards to please a girl. Be it his girlfriend of not. Many times they think that the more they succumb to the women making the decisions, the more she will like him. WRONG and WRONG.


What happened to the days where men were the sole pillars of strength in a family? Where the men would not only be firm, but protect his family with a vicious right. Here are 3 simple things modern day men ought to know about the modern day woman. (Warning. Results may vary. No two women are alike. I’m sure you know that by now)

Pick Up Lines Are Passé.

When you’re trying to get to know a girl, yes, it’s great to show your humor. One of the most attractive things about a guy is his ability to be funny, even laughing at himself. Making a first impression by trying to pick her up with a pickup line shows her nothing more than you are unoriginal and you have your guard up. Let it be known, there IS a difference between a genuine pick up line and an ‘icebreaking’ pickup line. Genuine pick up lines normally have an agenda attached to them. Icebreaking ones are normally really cheesy and make the girl laugh at his desperate effort to talk to her. Instead of a pickup line? Just be yourself. Say hi. She is a normal person after all and she’ll appreciate you being real from the beginning later down in the relationship. She should like you for YOU. If she doesn’t, don’t waste your time.

Be A Man. Make Decisions.

For me, there is nothing more disturbing than a man who cannot make decisions. You may think it’s sweet and thoughtful to always leave the decision making to the woman, but after a while it merely reflects that he does not want to take control and he’s a follower rather than a leader. When faced with simple choices such as where to have dinner with your significant other, ask her where she would like to go. If she says she doesn’t know, ask if she’s okay with you calling the shots. If she says yes, MAKE A CHOICE. She may be looking to you to lead the relationship. If you constantly throw the ball back into her court the never ending game of tennis goes nowhere and leaves both of you starving and unhappy. Simple, yet in the long run she will love you for being decisive.

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Please Her. Don’t Spoil Her.

Let’s face it. She was probably fine before you came along. A relationship should not be an all or nothing situation. Each person should be comfortable with his and her self FIRST. You should never solely depend on your partner to define who you are. You should be happy with YOUR life. Having a partner should bring ADDED happiness, not provide the only means to your existence. Tough words, but it’s true.

When you spoil your girlfriend, you don’t allow her to be her own person. By providing for her every single need, you leave her no room to grow and become independent. What if one day, God forbid, you won’t be around to look after her? Would you rather her life come to a standstill? As morbid as that may be, you need to allow her to still be a whole on her own. Not a half without you. Like the saying goes, ‘Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for the rest of his life’. Don’t baby her. As tempting as it may be to treat her like a precious gem, you aren’t protecting her but instead, setting her up for a much harder life later on. Women are much stronger than we are given credit for. I mean, we do give birth, don’t we?



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