The Perfect Valentine Gift

Taking Manhood Back

The Perfect Valentine Gift

We continue our year long series WHAT WOMEN WANT MEN TO KNOW and today’s contributor is Carla Ley.


Since we are just a few days away from Valentine’s, the guys are already thinking of what they can do or give to their special someone. In that case, this might be a good time to remind the men out there of what women want. This isn’t a list of restaurants or gift ideas but I can guarantee you that this will make your lady appreciate you the whole year round and not just on Valentine’s Day.

 Below is a short list of what I’d like men to know.

Be a gentleman.

This means that a man needs to show chivalry, courteousness and honor. To become one take times,like any other discipline, you need to practice until it becomes natural and instinctive. The good thing is that women appreciate it when you make an effort so you may not be the “perfect gentleman” yet, but if she see that you exercise it everyday, then it would be inevitable that your gentlemanliness will  win her over. So don’t hesitate to always open the door for the girl, offer your seat or serve her food.  Be true to your word, show up on time (but if not possible then text her ahead that you are running late), offer to pay for your dinner/coffee/movie/snack.

Being a gentleman doesn’t mean that you’re weak or “under-de-saya”, rather it means that you are strong enough to serve and determined- you value her as a woman and understand that you are equals but you take delight in taking care of her.

Be faithful – to your obligations, to your friends, to your wife/girlfriend but most especially to God. Although women would like to feel that we are the love of your life, we’d rather that God be the love of your life. Always be faithful in everything while you are single because this prepares you for the time that you will be pursuing. Needless to say, if you are married, you would have to be faithful to your wife at all times, faithfully supporting her in all aspects of life. Women like consistency; it’s one way of showing  your love and devotion to her.

Be a leader- in your family, in church, at work, and in your relationship. Being a leader means you need to lead by example. You’ve probably discussed with her the things that you value but it’s important that these are backed up by action, she needs to see it in you so she can follow suit. You need to steer the relationship in the right direction and build a firm foundation. You plan for the future, anticipate obstacles and remain composed when unexpected things happen.

If you can be all of the above and still come up with a great surprise for your lady then, believe me,your “pogi” points will skyrocket (but then again with or without a surprise, you’re probably still way above every other guy who just gave flowers) and you can also be sure that in this way you are not just pleasing your lady but honoring God as well.

Because you were created in the image and likeness of God our Father, be confident that you already have the genetic make up to become the perfect gentleman, a great leader and a faithful partner.

82258155ee11bfbe5d6e61aa597e5992Happy Hearts Day! J


Carla enjoys reading, listening to music, dancing, meeting new people and building relationships. Her passion is to reach out to the next generation.

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