Rachelle Ann Go’s How I Discovered a Real Man

Taking Manhood Back

Rachelle Ann Go’s How I Discovered a Real Man

Our celebrity guest blogger for today is Rachelle Ann Go.

 “I don’t want a boyfriend. Ayoko mag-asawa… I don’t want to be in a relationship… well, because boys make the girls cry, sinungaling, babaero, manloloko…”

That was my definition of a man when I was growing up…

I was happy being around my friends and family, although mind you, most of my friends were boys. I considered myself as “one of the boys”. Being around them was fun. I can just be myself. It made me realize more that I will NEVER have a boyfriend. They made me aware of what men want!!!

That’s why I created an ideal man in my mind. The typical tall, dark and handsome is on my list. Loyal, sweet, loving, kind… But he seems to be just in my dreams. I know he does not exist. That is, until I entered the world of showbiz…

I met a couple of “ideal guys”. I got into relationships but these FAILED— these failed maybe because I wasn’t ready, it was not the right time or it was not with the right guy. Nahulog ako sa panaginip kong ideal. I went through heartaches. I got to know Jesus Christ but I didn’t allow HIM to take over everything or lead the relationship. He was just present after the relationship (sa pagluha ko at pasakit). Simple lang naman ang gusto ko — I wanted to be loved. I kept asking myself why am I always hurt? Why do I allow it? Why does it end up a disaster?

Looking back God revealed to me something. (He doesn’t want to see us hurt nor cry). The will of the Lord is always good, pleasing and perfect (Romans 12:2). Sometimes He let us go through pain for us to understand His love. Akala ko sa kilig at sa sarili kong definition ng love nakukuha ang tunay na ligaya. HINDI pala. It is from our own desires that hurt us.

I found this verse that says: Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart…(Psalm 37:4). We should find our happiness in Him – in His being, His perfection, His friendship, His LOVE. We need to seek Him first. Sabi nga ni Lord, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13) …and that’s what I did. For Him my ideal man isn’t what He has in mind.

 •    God wants a LOVING man. He loves to love and selflessly put others first. Marunong mag-alaga, matulungin at responsable.

•    He is a LEADER but he walks before God with integrity of Heart doing all what God have asked him to—magaling na leader dahil follower siya.

•    A man full of STRENGTH and not ashamed to recognize his weaknesses. He has self-control, he can say NO to temptations. He doesn’t allow his impulses or emotions to rule his life.

•    WALANG PRIDE— hindi mayabang at marunong mag-sorry kapag nagkakamali.

•    He is not perfect but FULL OF CONFIDENCE kaya mukha na rin siyang perfect, hehehe!

•    He is NOT JEALOUS of what others have, no insecurities, he just knows where to focus his eyes.

•    He is FAITHFUL, na kahit anung struggles na dadating sa buhay niya, he believes that he will get through it.

•    He is TRUSTWORTHY. God wants me to have a man whom I can entrust my life to after Him. This man will be the keeper of my heart and life through God’s guidance.

•    He knows how to RESPECT. God wants us all to respect ourselves the way we respect others. Someone who honors his body —NO vices, he doesn’t smoke or get drunk – oooops!hehe! God therefore also wants me to have a man who will respect me the way I need to be respected not just as a woman but as a daughter of the Lord. For he who does not know how to respect cannot learn how to love the way the Lord wants us to love others. Love without respect is not pure love.

I can just go on and on with these characteristics of a real man. If you think that these are too much, too good to be true, iisipin mong wala naman ganito ka-perfect… yes you are right! God does not make a perfect man but He creates perfect situations for us to make ourselves better with His love. If he has God deep in his heart, you won’t imagine what he can give you. Why? Kasi kay God siya kumukuha ng mga binibigay niya… Eh hindi naman nauubusan si Lord…

I really believe there is one real man out there for me 🙂 Who will treat me like a princess and love me the way God wants me to be loved. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. How about you?


Rachelle Ann Go won  Search For A Star in 2004. She has branched out from singing to theatre and acting as well. Nine years of hard work and perseverance has turned her from a singing champion to a multi-faceted artist. Rachelle Ann Go has definitely made the most out of her stay in show business and continues to perform to inspire others and give glory to God.

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