The Scene in Les Miserables that Made me Cry

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The Scene in Les Miserables that Made me Cry

Lately I have been crying – very unlike me – maybe because I am getting older or there are things in life that makes you see how weak you are. This week Thammie and I watched Les Miserable. It was a wonderful movie. Our friends kept on saying how nice it was so I tried it out. I thought I will be sleeping in some parts of the movie since it was a musical but I didn’t.

But there was one scene that moved me to tears. It might not be the scene you would expect – but it was when Jean Valjean played by Hugh Jackman gave his daughter Cosette to Marius and said/sang a line to the effect of ” She is not mine to keep.”

I never fail to tear up every time I see a scene of a loving father giving away his daughter in marriage. I know years from now I will be doing the same thing. Alyanna turned 7 yesterday and it was like yesterday I was just changing her diapers and rocking her to sleep. I know it will be a tough time for me to give my precious daughter away sometime in the future. Thus I pray that Alyanna and Mika would meet a wonderful man who would love them like how Jesus and daddy loves them.

To all the men reading this, remember every time you ask a girl in marriage, you are taking that woman away from a father who dearly loved them. I know that daddy cannot stop their daughters in choosing her man but I plead with you men to be loving, responsible, gentle and kind hearted to all the girls out there.

I have personally loved my daughter and gave her all I’ve got. (shucks naiyak na naman ako). I have protected her to the best that I can. I have raised her up in the ways of the Lord by God’s grace – take care of the girl whom you will choose to love.

PS: and if ever you are just going to play around with any girl’s heart, remember behind every girl is a father willing to punch you in the face and put the smack down on you.


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