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Daddy Dates: Shifu Master Kitchen

Finally a new restaurant in San Juan for my family to enjoy. I found out about Shifu master Kitchen late last year and really wanted to try it out. Our good friend and my dentist Bu told us to try it. And good thing we did.

Shifu’s food is COMFORT FOOD. The way to know if a Chinese restaurant is good is when you see Chinese people coming over to eat there. Shifu brings back memories of my grandmother’s cooking (AMAH). I brought Thammie and the kids to try the food and they totally loved it.

Here are the must order:

shifu master kitchen

Shifu Fried Chicken: This is very addictive. Ang sarap ng pag timpla, hindi ko siya maintindhan, basta masarap.

shifu polonchay

Thammie’s must order: Polonchay with Garlic. Champion ito and very healthy.

shifu masters kitchen

Shifu’s rice topping are very affordable: Less than P200 most of them are P145 only. Please try the Lechon Macau Rice Topping. Hindi kayo magsisisi.


It’s our family’s new favorite restaurant. Shifu’s food are our comfort food.

For those looking for great authentic Chinese food that is affordable – try Shifu Master’s Kitchen.



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