Creating A.W.E. in your Marriage

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Creating A.W.E. in your Marriage

Here are three important principles in creating an intimate marriage. Principles taken from Jim Burns book Creating an Intimate Marriage: Rekindle Romance Through Affection, Warmth and Encouragement


It is simple but it is hard to apply.

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Affection is not always sexual brother. It means giving your wife meaningful touches and not touches with sexual overtones. They said it takes eight to ten meaningful touches a day for a person to thrive. This applies to both men and women.

Men it means be more deliberate in showing your affection to your spouse. You don’t have to pretend to be mushy if you are not but a simple call in the middle of the day, a kiss before going to work are simple expressions of affection to your spouse.

Woman, it means instead of nagging or complaining, give your husband a short massage when he gets home and see how his mood changes.

Warmth. Do you know people who are warmth. Do you see how they change the atmosphere of the room. Do you feel the love when he/she is around. That is what you need to work on your marriage and family.

Warmth happens when we know that we are fully loved by God. A loved person loves people. It reflects, it shows. They can’t hide it, it shows.

Create light moments at home. Enjoy a cup of coffee with your spouse. Best selling author Harold Sala in one of his seminars was asked how he spends his day. His answer showed the warmth they have in marriage. Here is his schedule:

They wake up early in the morning. He goes down the house and brews coffee for him and his wife. They drink coffee and read their Bible. They then discuss their learnings and after they exercise.

Encouragement.¬†The lack of encouragement in marriage brings a lack of intimacy. You might be raised in a negative home and you bring sarcasm to your marriage. You can continue to live that way but don’t expect warmth and affection to last long because negativity and negative remarks is a downer. Mark Twain once said, ” i can live two months on one good compliment.” As what I would always share in my talk – “MAKE SURE THAT YOUR APPRECIATION LEVEL IS HIGHER THAN YOUR EXPECTATION LEVEL.”

By the way, share to us your experience on how you create AWE in your marriage and the winner will be given 2 books of Jim Burns’ CREATING AN INTIMATE MARRIAGE¬† for you and one for your spouse or future spouse. Winners will be announced end of March. Please email your entry at