Face the Brutal Fact

Taking Manhood Back

Face the Brutal Fact

The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise rather than saved by criticism. – Norman Vincent Peale

Do you surround yourself with people who are loving enough to tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. Successful men are deliberate about finding men and women who can tell it to them straight.

I was having a late night talk with one of the most famous speakers here in the Philippines. He was asking me if I have any feedback on his recent talks. I was amazed by his humility. He realized the need for outside input. He wanted to have fresh eyes and voices so he could improve on his craft.

The problem with most of us is that we are afraid to face the reality. We all know we have problems and blind spots but are we willing to hear it from others or do we go on pretending that there is none.

Men, face the brutal fact. We all have our weaknesses. Enlist other men to help you identify those weak and blind spots.

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