Love + Marriage Talk

Taking Manhood Back

Love + Marriage Talk

We just concluded our 3 weeks of LOVE+MARRIAGE talk in church and seeing so many new people come and try to work on their marriage is so encouraging. We also made this talk available for singles so that they too could think and contemplate about marriage. We had close to 400 people joining us for three weeks. What was great about this talk is that there is an hour of discussion in groups afterward to share their experiences and insights on theĀ  subject. Through group learning and experience, they get to take home more and have new friends who could walk with them in their marriage.


We talked about FRIENDSHIP IN MARRIAGE on the first week. We dived into the truth of why some marriages are stale and some are thriving. Thriving marriages have friendship as their foundation.


Week two we talked about MEN and MARRIAGE. We challenged the men to take their leadership role seriously and also encouraged our wives to encourage us to take lead.


Week three Thammie discussed about the role of women in marriage and how to respect their husbands not just in action but also in their hearts and head. It was really a tough subject but Thammie did a great job sharing her thoughts on the subject.


I am excited for the next six weeks as our church will go through a series called “HOW TO WIN IN LIFE. It is a free event, so invite your friends to join us for the next 6 weeks. The learning event will be held at Victory Greenhills Center, 4th floor VMALL, Greenhills Shopping Center. The event starts on time, 7pm. Block off your next 6 weeks for this event.