When Men Think Highly of Themselves….

Taking Manhood Back

When Men Think Highly of Themselves….

… they think that the world revolves around them. They turn into some selfish, self absorb man who thinks that he is entitled to do what he wants to do.

Most of the Filipino basketball fans were surprised to see a first in PBA history when Renaldo Balkman fought, shoved and even choked his teammates in the basketball court. It is one thing to be unsportsmanlike with your opponent but its the worst thing to destroy a team because of bad attitude and unsportsmanlike behavior.


I think his actions cannot justify whatever intentions he had. Even in the heat of the moment, men need to stay under control.

Men who are self absorbed tend to…

…. lord it over their friends, their wife and their kids.

…. brings disunity and dysfunction to any relationship.

….. make their marriage feel like its a relationship between a slave and a master or God and his followers with him acting as the god.

Here is the unfortunate incident that happened on the court which serves as a reminder to all men out there to act like men and not as brats.