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Men and Women are Different

Our guest blogger today is Anj Sulit. We continue our series WHAT WOMEN WANT MEN TO KNOW.

The most common stereotype of men towards women is that they’re difficult to understand, complicated. It’s not that men are insensitive; oftentimes they just don’t know how to deal with women. Instead, they go the easy way—They do it their way and that’s what usually causes confusion and misunderstandings. Men often get stuck on their own attitude & mindset that they miss out on the fact that women think and act differently.

how-women-and-men-see-colorsI once had a boyfriend and he was my first. We were both chefs working in a restaurant at a prominent hotel two years ago and became good friends. We dated for eight months. It was memorable, close to perfect, and then we finally became official. Our first few months together were great, then we both decided to resign from work. We went our separate ways. He applied as chef to a buffet restaurant and I started pursuing my food business. Because of our busy schedules, spending time everyday turned to just meeting up four times a week. Texting and calling became too old for us. That’s when challenges started to come in. He would always nag me about the most random things. He didn’t respect my priorities anymore. He became selfish to a point wherein he would get angry with me for not being able to reply to his text messages right away. I felt that he wasn’t proud of me, of what I was achieving at the time. Our relationship was falling apart. We tried to fix it, but I eventually got tired of trying and pleasing him.

Women in general, have certain expectations from men. For me, it would be nice if he’s sensible- someone who would listen and be open to talk about anything. He should know how to respect himself and his neighbors. Someone who is always honest about his feelings no matter what situation he’s in. I’d give extra pogi points to gentlemen, because there aren’t many of them nowadays. I appreciate guys who still open the door for women. Someone with a good sense of humor! Someone strong and sensitive at the same time! He should be thoughtful and sweet—very important for me! Someone with big dreams and goals. He should be passionate, determined, and hard-working all together.  And lastly, he should have a deep relationship with God; his life should be centered on Him, because I believe that everything he’ll do would be for God’s happiness and glory, hence would make him the best man in the world!

anj sulitAnj Sulit

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