How to End a Romantic Relationship: A BABAY inspired blog

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How to End a Romantic Relationship: A BABAY inspired blog

This blog is inspired by Yeng Constantino’s single B.A.B.A.Y

yeng constantino babayI think one of the things men today are doing wrong is how they end relationships. It is sad because ending a relationship is not at all bad. In fact, it is a learning experience for both the man and the woman but when done in the wrong way – it would frustrate both parties.I have heard of men stopped the relationship through text, a phone call or a letter. Give the girl a break. This is the same girl to whom you have said sweet words, develop friendship and shared some details of your life – I think she deserves a real manly closure.

A romantic relationship that does not have a good closure can experience:

– awkward moments when both parties meet in the future.

– a nagging feeling that it might still work out in the future while the other party has totally shut down that option.

– failure for the man to finish what he has started.

So how do you have a respectable closure in a relationship:

1. Talk to her face to face. She deserves a meeting with you.

2. Tell her honestly why you decided to end the relationship.

3. Listen to what she has to say after.

4. Both parties ( in a best case scenario) agrees to be friends but not in the same way as when they were in a relationship with each other. Practically that means stop texting her, saying sweet words to her, stop sending her gifts but be civil to her but stop sharing details about your life to her. Both of you need to move on without the feeling that this might not be over.

5. In cases when both decided to stop the relationship to work on their relationship with God, don’t hurry the process of getting back. I suggest that you both do genuinely seek God and develop friendship with other people. In time both of you will know if you are meant for each other. Your relationship with Christ is far more important than your marriage with your future spouse.

Just like what the song said. it’s easy to say good bye. Just say it. In Tagalog, mag babay ka ng mabuti at huwag mong babuyin ang relationships na meron ka.


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