Wifey needs Girlfriends

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Wifey needs Girlfriends

I have a very important reminder to all the husbands reading this blog, YOUR WIFE NEEDS GIRLFRIENDS.

Women who could stand with her, encourage her, pray with her, cry with her. Friends who would stick closer than a sister. Sometimes we might not understand why she needs to go see her girl friends but when she does make a request – give her the freedom to do so.

The same way we men need to play basketball with our buddies or have our occasional poker nights, women need some time to be with her women friends. I know that we are supposed to be her best friend but we can never be a girl friend to our wife. It is a different dynamic altogether.

I am glad that Thammie has girlfriends. Friends to whom she can also confide and share what the Lord has been telling her or dealing with her. During our stay in the hospital, one of Thammie’s friend stayed with her till 3am just to talk to her and be with her and so that I could get rest.


I thank God for women mentors in my wife’s life. Thammie is who she is right now because of the women she surrounds herself with.

So men, give our wife liberty to be with her friends. She needs from time to time to be with them. I guarantee you won’t regret that decision.

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