We Can See You.. Women Can See You

Taking Manhood Back

We Can See You.. Women Can See You

“We See You” (Women Can See You Men)

By: Joanne-Marie R. de la Rama

O men, you are made as visual creatures

That we know fully well

You see, you peek, you glance, and you stare

That’s how you make “pacute” to us or let us know you care

But many times, we need more than your stare

We also need to feel and see that you really care

To decipher our codes takes real patience and skill

But once you solve them, it’s like winning a million bills

If you want to learn, be open and see

See women through the eyes of her Creator

We are made with much detail and intricacy

So unique and more than just a delicacy

You see, somewhere inside of you

A woman was made

From a rib to a beat

Our hearts and beings were more than just baked

A vulnerable but strongly built piece

From a man to a woman

God made a masterpiece

And showed His love that will never cease

Men, look and listen to the One who made women

Decode as you ask and seek her Creator

Value her to bits

Listen intently to her heartbeat

Women desire for real men

Not a puppet, a boy, or a macho man

Muscles are a plus

But a godly character is a must

O, call on wisdom all you boys

Men who heed His voice

He who is humble and teachable

Will truly be a choice

Respect and honor are gained

A man of his words

A lad who’s kind even to strangers

Will have more than just fame

Genuine and inner strength

Brains and not brawn we need

Humor and wit we enjoy

But a harsh twit we don’t care to read

No to stink that leads to coma

Listen and love your Mommas

Bathe, deo and gargle

Makes life fresh and less tangled

More than flowers,

We need you men to bloom

More than a Ferrari ride,

You are made to vroom


A complex design

“Emo” and syndromes

Forgive a woman who lets you bring pink purses

Emasculating you with a bag of curses

Men are unique creatures

We all grow in phase

Women require healthy space

We don’t always need to see your face

To decipher us, should not take you forever

As you sought and knocked

To be valued, loved and understood

Code is now cracked

Men, don’t fear us

O, hear modern and independent women

They await for you to awaken


Risen to life and able to lead

Now, bold and courageous hearts we are beginning to see

As real and consistent men awakens

Turned down or not, they’re still up on their feet

We see you men, we see you.

joanna marie de la rama

Joanne-Marie de la Rama is a travel, lifestyle, inspirational blogger and photographer. In 2010, she self-published her coffee-table book entitled “Autumn Love”, and later on produced travel postcards for Mary Grace Café’s women-can-do” corner. She’s a contributor for Travelife Magazine and is currently working on her book project, a fun and engaging guide for single people.

Follow JM on twitter: https://twitter.com/MsHeartyChowder

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