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Gotta, Oughta, Betta, Nada- DO!!!

If you have a messed up schedule and have a time management problem let me share to you a fun way to organize yourself. I learned this from the book 57 Ways To Take Control Of Your Time And Your Life

If you have a time management problem – you have a YOU problem. You are not managing you and when you don’t manage you, YOU never get to do anything significant. So here is a fun way to prioritize what YOU need to do.

1. GOTTA DO– these are your important and urgent stuff. They are high value stuff. They should be done promptly.

Example is this coming week. I GOTTA have my car checked because it is scheduled for maintenance. I have scheduled trips for April that needs the car to be in tip top shape. I GOTTA DO THIS or I might spend more money repairing the car than maintaining it.

2. OUGHTA DO– these things are equally as important but not as urgent but if you procrastinate on the oughta do, it becomes a gotta do. You want to minimize the GOTTA DO stuff because GOTTA DO creates a lot if unhealthy stress. People who manage their time well OUGHTA DO what they OUGHTA DO or they GOTTA DO what they GOTTA DO.

These are things that I have to have a scheduled time so it won’t be an urgent thing for me next week. I carved out time early of the week to do my messages that I will share on the weekends. It is something I ought to do so that by Saturday night I am relaxed and ready to deliver my message. But if I delay the process of preparing for it, I cram and shift my prep to my GOTTA DO box or I am dead meat on Sunday.

Another OUGHTA DO  is to date my wife. It is important but not urgent. Another is to exercise every morning. Important but not urgent. Don’t wait till the doctor tells you to do it, do it now.

3. BETTA DO – these things are low in your priority list but I BET you BETTA DO THIS or it becomes a GOTTA DO stuff which you don’t want again because it is not that important.

This could be answering emails, your dream book project, update you apps on your phone.

4. NADA DO – these are time wasters. It adds no value to you and it will never add substance to anyone. Time to put activities here to the trash where they belong. That is something you OUGHTA DO now after reading this.



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