What are you Living for Man?

Taking Manhood Back

What are you Living for Man?

And what is a man without energy? – Nothing—– nothing at all. – Mark Twain


The day a man lose his reason for living is the day he die.

You might be breathing but you are not actually living.

We are called to invest our passions in the service of life, not invest our life in the service of our passions. We are called to devote what we have on something more eternal.. not something trivial or passing.

Famed author Raymond Chandler hits the bulls eye when he said, “Alcohol is like love: The first kiss is magic, the second is intimate, the third is routine. After that, you just take the girl’s clothes off.”

It is a sad and meaningless life to live for the world – to love what the world offers.

As men we know this would satisfy for a while but it will never fully satisfy.

Cs Lewis said we are far too easily pleased and the facts says it all:

– there are 25 million prostitutes who wake up each day and are gainfully employed by men who don’t have the character to do real relationships

– there are 14 million orphans in Africa who are the sons and daughters of men who left their villages to work elsewhere, slept with prostitutes, contracted HIV AIDS, came back, and infected their wives.

– there are more fatherless homes today in the Philippines than ever before.

– 57 billion dollars is spent on porn annually in the world. 80% of those dollars come out of men’s bank accounts or show up on men’s credit card statements.

– there is a thriving child prostitution enterprise in most of the Asian countries.

Men have exchanged their roles to be producers and instead choose to be consumers. Instead of cultivating, they destroy.

But there is hope. We are seeing a generation of men who are taking the challenge to live as real men and make a huge difference. For every man reading this post – you represent more than just one number. In the future, you will have sons, daughters and grand kids and how you live your life today will determine their future in a significant way.

What are you living for man?


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